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If your looking for an Evansville DJ Service that is affordable, near youand has the experience to present all Eras of Music in a unique Professional way, You found me! "Say it with Music" DJ Services is one of the Tri States longest running DJ Services and I have entertained at thousands of Parties and Wedding Receptions since 1983! Say it with Music is the Professonal DJ Service that is appealing to all age groups and I know how to conduct a Wedding Reception in a Professional, Tactful Manner.

I deliver the best Customer Service possible through Music Presentation and Lighting options! The many years of Experience and technology makes the Mission easier! " The Say it with Music" mission is to deliver the Dream Day that you desire in both Music and Lighting Presentations and this Web Page is proof! I never knew how to do this until I sat down and learned how to do it so the age of a DJ isn't important to be a great DJ Service! Experience and effort is! It provides more then what you expect and planning is the first step to a Perfect Wedding Reception! If you can Dream It!!! I can accomplish it!!! I just have to know what you want! Say it with Music is ready to put that experience to work for you! Early Planning is suggested so tell me what you desire and let's PLAN your perfect day!!!

I play Music that is appealing to all age groups, not just one and Hits from the 40s to 2018 are included in my library! The DJ is professionaly trained in announcing so you can trust that all announcements are made Professionally and tactfully! I am fun and I provide an evening that is enjoyable for all family members and guests. No one can deny the Success that our Pictures and Videos represent! They are from events that we have performed at. It is a fact, Say it with Music DJ Services has the experience necessary to make your Event a huge success! I know that is what you are looking for in a Great Wedding DJ Service and that is exactly what "Say it with Music" DJ Services delivers. Send a request a rate from by clicking the link above in the tool bar!

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Creating magical memories and happiness that will last a lifetime through Music, Lighting, Video, Photo, Dance and Entertainment while sharing some of the most Memorable Occasions of our clients’ lives.

My main Mission at "Say it with Music" is to provide you with great Music and Announcing Skills that makes your Event not only a Professional Event but one that provides Music, Magic, and Memories. An Event where your guests will walk away saying "THAT WAS A GREAT TIME"! They won't remember the food, they won't remember the lights, but they will remember if they had a good time! Hopefully I have proven that over the years.

Yes, the extras are good! The Lighting Options make the Event more Memorable! I know without the basic ability to present these in a Professional, Tactful Manner, these mean nothing!

The Guests and the Guests of Honor have the ability to make any event more Memorable and hopefully they are in the right mood when they arrive! If not, it is my job to get them in the right mood! Some do that, some do not. Some will knock others that entertain. The Music enhances the Memories when the right Music is played with the right interaction and motivation. The Magic is enhanced by the Lighting Options!

First and uptmost with our Service, the Music and the Announcing Skills have to be close to perfect! That is my Mission! This is why I have the Wedding Planner on the top of this Page! Planning is essential! Everyone is short on time so I have made this easy! You can do it anywhere in the world.


Say it with Music's Vision is to enhance the Magic and Memories of your event by utilizing the latest in Audio and Visual Technology!

What use to be only available in a Radio or TV Studio is now available at our fingertips! We can now take our many years of experience and provide a product that will enhance your Event!

I saw the possibilites long before the internet arrived! Did I need a Radio Station to provide a Product or Service that I wanted to provide? NO! Although Radio was fun, it didn't have my best interest in mind! Broadcast Skills can be used at Church and don't think I don't know it! I have went from Records to Digital and have adapted!

My vision now is to enhance your event in all kinds of ways. Slide Shows of your Memories at Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, and a host of other Video enhancements can be added. It is up to the Customer! You can create anything you want, I can put it together

I am no stranger to Electronic Equipment or the Broadcasting Environment so I am excited to have the Vision! Your Business is Greatly Appreciated! Like I said, COMING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS!

Say it with Music Values our Customers and we do what it takes to provide the Evening of the Music and Lights you desire

I am not going to say that I have every piece of equipment available in todays market but I will work hard to get it. If I don't have it, it usually can be accomplished with little or no additional costs. In fact, our Princess Curtain Lighting is hand made. I can build more at a moments notice and will do so if your event requires it. That is how much we value your business! If we don't have it, we can get it! Ask questions! Tell us what you want your Wedding Reception to look like. WE CAN DO IT!!! AFFORDABLY!

Wedding Receptions

Say it with Music DJ Services has provided Evansville and the Tri State area with awesome Wedding Mixes for over 31 years! All Age groups are entertained with Music from the 40s to 2018! In addition, Professional Announcing by Daniel Gustafson ensures that your Formality Dances and Events are conducted Professionally and Tactfully

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Anniversary Parties

Are you having an Anniversary Party? Say it with Music has the Music and the knowledge to provide you with the Music from your Era! It doesn't matter if it is a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party or a 25th Anniversary Party. Say it with Music can custom format the Music to the your desired tastes.

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Class Reunions

What song was playing on your first date? What song was playing on your first kiss? Chances are "Say it with Music" has it. If not, I will get it. The Say it with Music Library consists of thousands of Charted Hits and represents every era! I can do either a Traditional Mix of the Era or mix it up with today's Current Charted Hits. Either way, it makes for a very enjoyble evening under the lights with Music.

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Birthday Parties

It's your Birthday and you can Dance if you want to. Karaoke too! "Say it with Music" has a complete Library of all of your Favorite Hits from the 40s to 2018! I also feature many of your Favorite Karaoke Tracks for the singers at your Party! Give us a call or send a quote form and let's talk about your next event!

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Our Services

Say it with Music DJ Services provides the ultimate Wedding Mix from the 40s to 2018 and I also feature Karaoke complete with Princess Curtain Lighting, Up Lighting, and Gobo Projections. In addition, I provide Music Services for Birthday Parties, Company Christmas Parties, Class Reunions, and Anniversary Parties

What do we offer

Say it with Music DJ Services has been satisfying Brides with spectacular Service for over 31 years. When it comes to creatingMusic, Magic, and Memories,Say it with Music has been the Tri States No 1 choice for over 31 years!

Evansville DJ Services offers a one price Wedding Dj package to make your special day simply spectacular! Your Wedding DJ will serve as the Master of Ceremonies, keeping the event moving right along. We take care of all the reception events, such as the Bridal Party and Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance, Toasts and Speeches, Special Announcements, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Bouquet and Garter Ceremonies. We provide top notch entertainment from cocktail hour and dinner music all the way to the final dance of the evening.

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